• Slow Motion Booth

    Regular photo booths are a common addition to every event and Slow Motion Video Booths are where weddings and events are headed. Dubuque Photo Booth’s Slow Motion Booths come with top of the line lighting, cameras and equipment to ensure that you have the highest quality videos of your event.

    You and your guests get to enjoy watching the live action happening in the booth and immediately after see the slow motion effects on the screen.

    Slow Motion Video Booths are a big hit at any party. From the minute we set up to the moment we break down, our booths are packed with guests showing us their best dance moves, making silly faces, and having a blast. We provide all of the props you need to have a great time!

    We know you have questions about Dubuque Photo Booth’s Slow Motion Booth and how this silly, fun experience works. So, to help you better understand how it all works, here is a quick list of frequently asked questions:


    How Does the Slow Motion Video Booth Work?

    Guest’s step into the Slow Motion Booth and the high-speed camera records a 4 second video. Using all kinds of awesome props you get exciting slow motion videos that was never before possible! Using some awesome wizardry and technology the 4 second video is then slowed down to 1/4 the speed Slow Motion! After reviewing the pictures, guest’s can provide their information and then share their Slow Motion video with the world via popular Social Media like Facebook and Twitter or via Email!

    How Do I Book a Date?

    Call 563-362-2987 or email to check availability. We operate on a first come, first serve basis. We require a 50% deposit to secure your date on our calendar. The remaining balance is due before or within the first hour of the event.

    When Do You Setup?

    Setup typically starts 60 minutes before the big event. We are happy to do an early setup and return when it is show time. This is extra helpful for avoiding noise/sight distractions during your event. (Idle hours are $25/hour)

    How Much Room Does the Slow Motion Booth Require?

    Our booth is happiest with at least 8 square feet to breathe. Our booths are adjustable to fit smaller spaces and can expand to fit loads of people.

    Do We Travel?

    Heck yes we travel! We love to travel! Typically our service area is 80 miles of 52001. If you fit in that radius there is no additional fee!

    Can The Slow Motion Booth Be Set Up Outside?

    The Slow Motion Booth loves a solid platform (concrete, deck, dance floor) on a nice day. We stay away from muddy, gravel, and inclined areas. We need a contingency plan when the forecast calls for rain. Our Slow Motion Booth is a workhorse but we treat it like a box of kittens.

    Are you ready to book us? Have a few remaining questions? Want to talk it out? Email or call us 563-362-2987 today!

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